Greek designers not in crisis

Wait! Don’t start yet! Put some -appropriate- music on first!

Fortunately lately I noticed that we got ahead the obsession with foreign brands. Also, fortunately from one hand, the poor economic situation of our country paradoxically encouraged young designers to do for the first time what they love and eventually succeed (yes, despite the crisis!). But also, we turned to Greek products and we liked it! Greek designers are far from being in crisis! I met many of them, I tried what I liked from their creations and I am presenting them to Lena (unfortunately that paved her appetite for many gifts … for herself ). If you take a look they will convince you I believe…



Polina: When I saw the handmade glasses Deep Shallow Exposition with retro influences that are made by Elisabeth, I thought of you! The sunglasses are your hallmark, it was a pity you were not there to try 5-6-7 pairs of glasses (as usual!) to take pictures of you with them! So…Elisabeth Leau began to make handmade glasses for herself and as gifts for her friends and fortunately she decided to make it a profession! Large Plus, that she makes them using Eco material, the cellulose acetate (a derivative of cotton) and never uses plastic.

Lena: Indeed, it’s a pity that I wasn’t there! These eyeglasses are absolutely my cup of tea! I don’t know what cellulose acetate is but if I need 15 minutes just to pronounce it… imagine how much it would take me to figure it out! Anyway, this retro style is my thing! (You didn’t get me a gift for Christmas, did you?)


Polina: It’s been a long time since you have told me to get serious and hopefully find a Prince so as you to get saved from me?? Ehh… I didn’t find a Prince but I found Prigkipw! And instead of engagement ring I will wear “Prigipaki”! My future je t’aime can wait and you will not so easily escape from me!

Lena: Attention to all women searching the prince charming everywhere! There are no princes… nowadays there are barely white horses! Seek someone who will give you unconditionally love and without calculations (Who has the upper hand, the biggest space in bed, the priority in future plans … etc). And when you find him, you two will get me as a gift the ring with the crown, because I was the one who inspired your love!



Polina: Ok I know New Cult from school (let’s say from last year…:-p). Ever since I bought my first Reef- that I sometimes wore with fluorescent laces (!) – I was a frequent client. One day I had skipped school for a coffee in Glyfada and in the program entered a pass from the Cult. Here, as you see, they presented some pieces from their collection for Summer 2014. Luckily I saw the shoes with quirky prints in the end because I could not see anything else. I could not rotate my head neither right nor left, I was looking only straight (the shoes) as if I had suffered from a cooling!

Lena: When did you finish school? When you decided to wear fluo laces, what were you thinking? It there are any photographs from that period, please submit them along with the bag in flower prints.



Polina: Very original seemed to me these reDO bags depicting an old warehouse and they have four ways of holding. By carrying, by fitting on the shoulder, by holding  or by fitting on the bicycle. What do you think?

Lena: Τhese illustrations remind me of a typical apartment in Paris … Not an old warehouse! But let’s not talk about the painful real estate theme of the city of light…!
DSC_1483Polina: Do you remember when we were lost in Belleville in Paris because we constantly took photos of the colorful graffiti on the walls? Guess, we were not the only ones… because of this multi-ethnic nature was inspired Eva Karakaxidou for the clothing line Belle Ville with boho twist. First of all let me tell you that was one of my favorite room decorations, because the style reminded me of vintage Paris! For clothes what to say? You know I’m a fan of fur (ecological always), so when I saw a sleeveless white fur, I think, in my ears rang Francis Cabrel: “Je t’aimais, je t’aime, je t’aimerai … “

Lena: What if Montmartre is known as the most alternative bohemian neighborhood of Paris? Belleville is the real bohemian neighborhood! And just because I support boho, you will offer me this purple shirt with fringes so I can accompany you appropriately dressed in Belleville! I do it for you, not for me!



DSC_1489Polina: Here as you see Nefeli Papanagiotou with studies in architecture gives a futuristic mood in her creations Architectural Fashion by Nefelia. Colorful Plexiglas and metal are combined in an industrial style and the result is… me trying almost everything! Admire me with the necklace! My fantastic fellowblogger, for the festive days that gone by, what did you geeeeeeeeeet meeee???

Lena: But you haven’t understood the concept so long? This is YOU who gets me gifts! In fact I didn’t play with lego when I was little; so I want the black and white necklace to get over the trauma!





Polina: The Summer creations of KNLs were impressed me dangerously (“Hide the credit card” and things like that), so I had high expectations before seeing the new collection. Fortunately not unfairly! I picked this cape with the elephants for you, because I know what an animal lover you are!

Lena: You choose for me a loose cape with elephant prints? If you want to say something about my Christmas pig out, say it directly!




Polina: These bike bags I thought it would make a beautiful ensemble with us on the Parisian velib! Little surprised with the brand name of Three Legs and a Model. I asked and learned that the name came from the two dogs of Manos Andreou, Jarvis and Cohen! One is α narcissist so he inspired the second part of the brand, while the first part came because of an accident that the other dog had and lost one of his legs.

Lena: This summer, as you know  I learned bike after 29 years living in this world! In order  to celebrate this great accomplishment, I want this bag! Thank you!



Polina: I like SOMF, because of the recurring motifs, which often resemble tattoos, carry me mentally in lost civilizations with mystical philosophies (and I die for such things!).

 Lena: Well I knew SOMF before I saw your photos! And I like this brand because the designers don’t follow trends, but they make their own! They put in the “aesthetic” blender preppy clothes with tribal prints and pop patterns! Not ordinary clothes by this amazing designers duet! Okay whatever you get me I will appreciate it, but focus towards the sweaters!


Polina: Here in V.Society, by Vaida, leather dominates, as you see, and goes with the ethereal presence of soft silk and cashmere. What else can you ask?

Lena: Really, do you want me to keep asking for gifts??? Well … If you insist!



Polina: Ourania Kay is so sweet. So we love Kay as well. The protagonist of course was the doll in the shower with habillé dress (beautiful for upper level nights out)!

Lena: I like the altitude of this guy wearing T shirt “I like Kay»! Anyway, when I will have an invitation for the Oscars, I will not forget Ourania Kay`s dresses!


Polina: Respect for the flyers that  the brand de.bour had prepared with English words and Greek letters. We must support Greek Designers undoubtedly. I found the handmade shoes de.bour much of your taste!

Lena: You know me! Give me oxfords, loafers, and anything that doesn’t have high heels and you will make me happy!




Polina: Mysterious atmosphere in this room with the creations of Konstantina Konstantinidi with statement necklaces and fringed details! The backless fringed dress formed with its fringes “Take me”!

Lena: The backless dress formed with its fringes the phrase “Offer this to Lena”!



Polina: Generally you should not show me bags and shoes. You know me! Et voilaaaaa! Leather wallets hearts of Ippolito hit me with arrows in the heart!!!

Lena: You may not have it in the photos, but my sources say that Ippolito has fantastic backpacks! I want it in blue to take it with me around Paris in order to remind me the lovely Greek blue sky! 


Polina: In this room I couldn’t stop taking pictures because jewelry and accessories of the brand 3rd Floor is much to my taste! Stones, fringe and studs on leather and pony skin, create-to die for-statement necklaces, bracelets and headbands! And I got for us, to have a fabulous  year of blogging, a lucky charm with handmade plaque with the motto “Wish Big”! And there are many other motto on the plaques!

Lena: This is actually one of my favorites new Greek brands! We follow each other in instagram also (which means that our relationship has moved on!) I really really want the wristband «I hope Karma slaps you in the face before I Do»!! And I am taking the opportunity to dedicate this magnificent message of love to those who don’t play nice!




DSC_1530Polina: Clutch bag that I want to take with me even in bed are the bags of Georgina Skalidi! Multiple Like I would do if I could at this asymmetry in the drawings, inspired by the Japanese art of Origami based on folding paper.

Lena: This chic clutch bag is such a masterpiece that kinda makes me nervous to stuff in all my belongings!!!DSC_1532

DSC_1534Polina: In the room 712 where Elizabeth Kapogianni was with her new collection “Negative Space” struck me as the giant ants decor made ​​perfect match with dresses in black with bold leather accents and jewelry made ​​of silver and leather!





Polina: Well, Puma does not need presentation. I will just say that I was magnetized by the multicolored patterns, inspired by Rio (after the ultimate experience in Fortaleza, you know I am in love with Brasil!) and this funky bag below is just…perfect for the gym!

Lena: Let’s not talk about gym these days! Let’s talk about colors instead…




Polina: The smiling Nickos Efthymiades of Ripped Cotton makes these T-shirts with prints of the biggest magazines like Vogue! I think we should get such a T-shirt and go in front of my friend Stelios who calls me Vogue since school years (I have no idea why…) so as to figure the nickname, with rock attitude!

Lena: What would happen if he called you Forbes or the Economist?




DSC_1548Polina: I continue with Royal Rag  and to let me inform you that behind this … Royal rag are hiding Safet Giannakopoulou and Mary Theodorakakis. Of course I was thrilled to see the retro swimsuit and already started to star in my mind at other times. How many months we have until summer?

Lena: 5…


Polina: Apart from the fabulous desserts covered with glitter that I did not know if I should take pictures of them first or try them, I liked the jewels Maggoosh, because they have a carefree boho mood, with mysterious elements that transferred me to other cultures! The creator Margarita Chrissaki chooses precious stones, fabrics and materials from around the world and manages to have timeless allure!

Lena: Finally you make me hungry and eventually you didn’t get me any gift!!!DSC_1558




Have a fabulous year and don’t forget to support Greek Designers!!!

À bientôt…


*These collections by Greek designers were presented at the Fashion Room Service event, held by Ozon Raw Magazine at the Fresh Hotel in the center of Athens.

Photos by me

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