The day I became a jewelry thief

Wait! Don’t start yet! Put some -appropriate- music on first!

Imagine that one day a mysterious woman dressed in black with her face covered and a phosphorescent statement necklace appears to assign a task to you. Highly secret. Το burgle the atelier of a jewelry designer in order to get a specific jewelry for herself and whatever you want for yourself. “Why me?” You ask. Obviously you’re not Catherine Zeta Jones in Entrapment. And you come from a serious family! “Because all things have a dual nature. It’s just different sides of the same coin… Day and night, light and darkness, good and evil” she answers mysteriously and you start decoding. Fortunately the nights you stayed awake to watch CSI are not wasted.


And at night in your sleep you dream that you do it. You enter the Atelier of Nefelia and you steal your favorite pieces of plexiglass. You wake up being in a tizzy by adrenaline, wondering how strange it is to keep changing nature even in your sleep. And then you realize the words of the mysterious woman … Finally we can be everything because all of us have both sides of the same coin, exactly like the jewelry of Nefelia that glow in dark surroundings and radiate in natural light! But did you really dream it or maybe… not???


À bientôt


*Nefelia, presented her first solo exhibition of jewelery and artistic creations entitled: “The jewelry thief” (jewelry, video, photography) in Toss Gallery in Thessaloniki. We wait for her soon in Athens!


Architectural Fashion by Nefelia 

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Photos taken by me

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