Street is a dead end style

The fashion week in Paris has been completed and what did it leave behind? Photos, lots of photos! From the fashion shows we attended, from the parties and from the so-called street style. But street style was the one that troubles me more! Perhaps because from Paris, the city where the term “chic” was born, I had more expectations! I was desperately searching for authenticity, for true chic, for this effortless elegant personal style that I usually observe at streets of the city. Instead I see a repetitive copy paste of the trends presented in magazines, along with large doses of eccentricity. Such exaggeration screaming for attention! Like the only goal was to be captured by a street style photographer! So all these “spontaneous” outfits weren’t lacking in feathers, gritter and colors! And do not tell me that all these people are that eccentric by nature, because I am seriously doubting it! Ηow many Anna Dello Russo-s exist out there? Certainly not so many! And certainly they don’t dress like this in daily basis …!

Same all...same all...You copy, I paste!
Same all…same all…You copy, I paste!
How great is to be original and always seeking for different approaches of fashion?
How great is to be original and always seeking for different approaches of fashion?


And the worst part was that the ACTUAL people of fashion, those who work in magazines, brands, the off duty models were much more stylish and cool than bloggers. Okay maybe people in fashion have nothing to prove, unlike many bloggers who look desperate for attention…

"Duck face" is allowed only in self photos with i phone!
“Duck face” is allowed only in self photos with i-phone!
That's the spirit! Smile! Or be playfull!
That’s the spirit! Smile! Or be playfull!


So next time, I wish to see more personal style, less expensive brands (because fashion is supposed to be available to every woman who seek it, and not in a rich elite only), more spontaneity and less effort! It would be so interesting to see how all these showgoers would be dressed according to their mood, their personality, their wardrobe, their budget and of course the weather (no more bare legs trembling in the snow!).


Somebody lost a paintball match...
Somebody lost a paintball match…


And now here are the high lights from all the street stylers’ “spontaneous” snapshots:

1) Watching the street styler passing the street 4-5 times (imagine doing it as rewind and then play the same tape) to achieve the good snapshot!


2) The street styler is playing it casual, looking at her mobile phone so the photographer would capture her showcasing the i phone case, the ring, the bag.


3) The street styler unable to walk with snow / rain / extreme weather conditions because of what they wear (their personal style!!) so they have in their service experienced carriers or the limousines wait in the entrance defilé.


To wrap up voilà a great slogan I saw on a wall in Athens and I think it fits in the case: “I will not sacrifice my authenticity to fit in your world …”.




PS: The photos are from the fashion week haute couture and prêt-à-porter with a difference of 3 weeks. That’s why in some photos you see snow and in other sunshine! If you want to know more about τα rise of “peacocking” street style stars, check this short documentary by the Garage magazine!


Photo credits:, and we ourselves… !!


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