We will always have Paris…in Athens

Wait! Don’t start yet! Put some -appropriate- music on first!

After a quick brainstorming about the things that all girls would like to do at least once in their lives, I came up with these ones: Find the love of their life, eat whatever they are carving and stay thin and fit, go to Paris. Let’s face it, among the 3, the easiest to accomplish is going to Paris. Anyhow, it isn’t that easy! There will always be different obstacles to block your way to the city of lights. But you know what they say: If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad then Muhammad must go to the mountain…So, our mission is to find Paris, in Athens, find this nostalgic, romantic Parisian touch into the modern chaos of Athens! Mission impossible? Not for us!


We are going to start our stroll around the “Athenian” Paris by shopping. I guess you would expect a cute little boutique with French chic garments and accessories…Well, as we have already pointed out, the chic style of voguettes (the stylish French chicks) is a piece of cake, based on timeless simple outfits. So, instead of fashion shopping, we gonna do a deco shopping. One of the few deco stores in Athens with a French Country twist is without a doubt, Villart!

Furniture, decorative and gift items wisely selected by Villart will create your own sanctuary of comfort and vintage-inspired style…straight from Paris! This is where elegance meets rustic country and old-world character to achieve the graceful and inviting style of French country decoration. Just check out the pretty furnishings, the adorable home accessories or the cute deco items and you will get the –french- idea!

Villart5To continue our Parisian journey in Athens we need FOOOOOOOD! But how the hell a woman can find a nice bistro in Athens? It’s already difficult to find a decent bistro in Paris…if you ask me! Thankfully, there is the small and cute REAL French bistro Chez Lucien, at downtown Athens. Having the actual French ambiance, at Chez Lucien you are going to sit next to some unknown person and share the big table with him. You won’t be very comfortable, as in a real French bistro, but you have just enough space to enjoy a great dinner…and in the end to try their dessert.

Whether you choose the duck or the veal, surely you have to start with the onion soup. Try also the salad with parmesan sauce and the potatoes ogkraten! Chez Lucien proposes the “formule” the much-appreciated French menu of appetizer- main course-dessert, which is a great deal, especially if you are really hungry (30 euros)! The staff is really friendly and nice (not like the typical snobbish Parisian waiter!) and they will say “Αu revoir” to you by ringing a bell!


So what’s next after a good meal? A coffee. Or a tea. Or a hot chocolate. Or a drink. It depends on your type… Therefore; we are looking for a nice, cosy, chic café to finish our Parisian day. Petite fleur is like its name, delicate and dreamy! It is what I call the average woman’s happy place! Why? It has like 100 different versions of hot chocolates, it has vintage decoration and it plays jazz.



So when you go to Petite Fleur be sure to 1) try the hot chocolate with brandy or/and the wine with chocolate 2) find out when is the next “jazz flirts” live with new cool Greek bands 3) be your own DJ by choosing a vinyl record to accompany your hot beverage.


The intense Parisian essence affected us so much from the first shop, we thought we were actually in Paris! Leaving Villart to go for a coffee, we started looking for a station autolib’, to rent one of the electric cars “paid for as you drive” located at 1200 places in Paris. But, a Greek street sign lead us back to reality! Ok, we may not have autolib’ but we can rent a funky car to cross the chaotic Athens from the south suburbs to the city center, to discover the hidden Paris and make our Parisian adventure much more easier!


After all Paris is always a good idea, especially when you discover it in comfort!

Bisouxxx                                           À bientôt

L.                                                           P.



Artemidos 19, 166-74 Glyfáda, Greece


Petite Fleur

Solonos 50, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece

Eleftheroton Square 16, Chalandri, Greece

Chez Lucien

Troon 32, AnoPetralona, Athens, Greece

All photos taken by me

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