Paris Fashion Week SS15 Diary Vol I

The fashion week in Paris might be over but there is so much that we saw and experienced, that once again are trying to find a place (not in the sun) but in my mind and in my memories! Two weeks (almost) filled with fashion, backstage, showrooms, designers, presentations, interviews, party, much food and even more champagne … so many experiences, so many events, thousands of words that only photographs can perform with great accuracy! I often say that the Fashion week is like I lived several months at once or even a year. Maybe you think that I am overreacting, but I feel it utterly true if you follow us through our PFW trip-calendar posts, you will feel it too!



The day always starts with some street style. Want it or not, when I am going to a show / presentation / showroom, I will surely meet the avant-garde of fashion! Purple, yellow, blue, green hair, big hats like a UFO disk, outfits that Lady Gaga would envy, Napoleonic style and accessories, as if stolen from the cabinet des curiosités (cupboard with strange objects). Ok, for their imagination I put an A.

pfw shot by La Vie En Blog

Even Parisian walls do a party during PFW!


We arrive at the Showroom of Antik Batik, where we can see and try first the collection for Spring-Summer 2015. The mood of Antik Batik is boho, as usual! Airy and carefree looks with many vivid colors take us into the infinity blue of the seas and the most breathtaking summers! Patienceeeee, winter is coming now.








So typical of me, I am hungry but I do not have time to sit down to eat, so I get into the boulangerie to pick my favorite quiche with chicken and peppers! #yiammi


Ouch ouch a hairy little dog in the shop window that looks unreal. Aaaah I will eat him too!


Later, we saw a new collection of imaginative snickers, a collaboration between the former French tennis star Marion Bartolli and the brand Musette. Having won the Wimbledon in 2013, it’s time for Bartolli to conquer the fashion world! 19 designs, among them four masculine, featured in front of me and were shinning very dangerously!








For the end, the day holds for us a presentation on the ice bar of Paris, the Ice Kube Bar, where everything is made ​​of ice, even the glasses for our drinks! Long wanted to go to this bar, fortunately Crocs company had the idea to present us the warm winter collection in natural environment (I am talking about 10 degrees below zero)! Jackets, gloves and ready to go !!! Bbbrrr! If we do not get out, you have to know that we loved you our crazy readers!





Ok, we survived! You will continue to bear with us. And since we were near the canal, we decided to walk by the side of the platform Quai de la Loire. During the day, especially if the weather is good, this canal is full of people enjoying the sun, having a picnic or playing the favorite game of the French, the pétanque. But during the night is calm, perfect for a relaxed ride (how excitement to stand in one day?). Lenara dude where did I take you again? Unfortunately, in a while it started to rain cats and dogs and without umbrellas and hoods, we were running to be saved! For once again you sent us rain our lovely Paris!


Until the next “Vol” (!) of Paris Fashion Week…

À bientôt…



Photos taken by me

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